The Admonition extension adds rST-style admonitions to Markdown documents.

This extension is included in the standard Markdown library.


Admonitions are created using the following syntax:

!!! type "optional explicit title within double quotes"
    Any number of other indented markdown elements.

    This is the second paragraph.

type will be used as the CSS class name and as default title. It must be a single word. So, for instance:

!!! note
    You should note that the title will be automatically capitalized.

will render:

<div class="admonition note">
<p class="admonition-title">Note</p>
<p>You should note that the title will be automatically capitalized.</p>

Optionally, you can use custom titles. For instance:

!!! danger "Don't try this at home"

will render:

<div class="admonition danger">
<p class="admonition-title">Don't try this at home</p>

If you don’t want a title, use a blank string "":

!!! important ""
    This is a admonition box without a title.

results in:

<div class="admonition important">
<p>This is a admonition box without a title.</p>

rST suggests the following types, but you’re free to use whatever you want: attention, caution, danger, error, hint, important, note, tip, warning.


There is no CSS included as part of this extension. Look up the default Sphinx theme if you need inspiration.