Python Markdown offers a flexible extension mechanism, which makes it possible to change and/or extend the behavior of the parser without having to edit the actual source files.

To use an extension, pass it to markdown with the extensions keyword.

markdown.markdown(some_text, extensions=[MyExtClass(), 'myext', 'path.to.my.ext:MyExtClass'])

See the Library Reference for more details.

From the command line, specify an extension with the -x option.

python -m markdown -x myext -x path.to.module:MyExtClass input.txt > output.html

See the Command Line docs or use the --help option for more details.

See Also

If you would like to write your own extensions, see the Extension API for details.

Officially Supported Extensions

The extensions listed below are included with (at least) the most recent release and are officially supported by Python-Markdown. Any documentation is maintained here and all bug reports should be made to the project. If you have a typical install of Python-Markdown, these extensions are already available to you using the “Entry Point” name listed in the second column below.

Extension Entry Point Dot Notation
Extra extra markdown.extensions.extra
    Abbreviations abbr markdown.extensions.abbr
    Attribute Lists attr_list markdown.extensions.attr_list
    Definition Lists def_list markdown.extensions.def_list
    Fenced Code Blocks fenced_code markdown.extensions.fenced_code
    Footnotes footnotes markdown.extensions.footnotes
    Markdown in HTML md_in_html markdown.extensions.md_in_html
    Tables tables markdown.extensions.tables
Admonition admonition markdown.extensions.admonition
CodeHilite codehilite markdown.extensions.codehilite
Legacy Attributes legacy_attrs markdown.extensions.legacy_attrs
Legacy Emphasis legacy_em markdown.extensions.legacy_em
Meta-Data meta markdown.extensions.meta
New Line to Break nl2br markdown.extensions.nl2br
Sane Lists sane_lists markdown.extensions.sane_lists
SmartyPants smarty markdown.extensions.smarty
Table of Contents toc markdown.extensions.toc
WikiLinks wikilinks markdown.extensions.wikilinks

Third Party Extensions

Various individuals and/or organizations have developed extensions which they have made available to the public. A list of third party extensions is maintained on the wiki for your convenience. The Python-Markdown team offers no official support for these extensions. Please see the developer of each extension for support.