‹› markdown.extensions.wikilinks

Converts [[WikiLinks]] to relative links.

See the documentation for details.

‹› markdown.extensions.wikilinks.build_url(label: str, base: str, end: str) -> str

Build a URL from the label, a base, and an end.

‹› markdown.extensions.wikilinks.WikiLinkExtension(**kwargs)

Bases: Extension

Add inline processor to Markdown.

‹› markdown.extensions.wikilinks.WikiLinkExtension.config instance-attribute

Default configuration options.

Defined Value:

self.config = {
    'base_url': ['/', 'String to append to beginning or URL.'],
    'end_url': ['/', 'String to append to end of URL.'],
    'html_class': ['wikilink', 'CSS hook. Leave blank for none.'],
    'build_url': [build_url, 'Callable formats URL from label.'],

‹› markdown.extensions.wikilinks.WikiLinksInlineProcessor(pattern: str, config: dict[str, Any])

Bases: InlineProcessor

Build link from wikilink.