‹› markdown.extensions.legacy_em

This extension provides legacy behavior for connected_words.

‹› markdown.extensions.legacy_em.LegacyUnderscoreProcessor(pattern: str, md: Markdown | None = None)

Bases: UnderscoreProcessor

Emphasis processor for handling strong and em matches inside underscores.


  • pattern (str) –

    A regular expression that matches a pattern.

  • md (Markdown | None, default: None ) –

    An optional pointer to the instance of markdown.Markdown and is available as self.md on the class instance.

‹› markdown.extensions.legacy_em.LegacyEmExtension(**kwargs)

Bases: Extension

Add legacy_em extension to Markdown class.

‹› markdown.extensions.legacy_em.LegacyEmExtension.extendMarkdown(md)

Modify inline patterns.

‹› markdown.extensions.legacy_em.makeExtension(**kwargs)

Return an instance of the LegacyEmExtension