‹› markdown.extensions.def_list

Adds parsing of Definition Lists to Python-Markdown.

See the documentation for details.

‹› markdown.extensions.def_list.DefListProcessor(parser: BlockParser)

Bases: BlockProcessor

Process Definition Lists.

‹› markdown.extensions.def_list.DefListIndentProcessor(*args)

Bases: ListIndentProcessor

Process indented children of definition list items.

‹› markdown.extensions.def_list.DefListIndentProcessor.ITEM_TYPES class-attribute instance-attribute

Include dd in list item types.

Defined Value:

ITEM_TYPES = ['dd', 'li']

‹› markdown.extensions.def_list.DefListIndentProcessor.LIST_TYPES class-attribute instance-attribute

Include dl is list types.

Defined Value:

LIST_TYPES = ['dl', 'ol', 'ul']

‹› markdown.extensions.def_list.DefListIndentProcessor.create_item(parent: etree.Element, block: str) -> None

Create a new dd or li (depending on parent) and parse the block with it as the parent.

‹› markdown.extensions.def_list.DefListExtension(**kwargs)

Bases: Extension

Add definition lists to Markdown.

‹› markdown.extensions.def_list.DefListExtension.extendMarkdown(md)

Add an instance of DefListProcessor to BlockParser.