Python-Markdown Change Log


This is an archive of the changelog prior to the release of version 3.0. See the current changelog for up-to-date details.

Jan 4, 2018: Released version 2.6.11 (a bug-fix release). Added a new BACKLINK-TITLE option to the footnote extension so that non-English users can provide a custom title to back links (see #610).

Dec 7, 2017: Released version 2.6.10 (a documentation update).

Aug 17, 2017: Released version 2.6.9 (a bug-fix release).

Jan 25, 2017: Released version 2.6.8 (a bug-fix release).

Sept 23, 2016: Released version 2.6.7 (a bug-fix release).

Mar 20, 2016: Released version 2.6.6 (a bug-fix release).

Nov 24, 2015: Released version 2.6.5 (a bug-fix release).

Nov 6, 2015: Released version 2.6.4 (a bug-fix release).

Oct 26, 2015: Released version 2.6.3 (a bug-fix release).

Apr 20, 2015: Released version 2.6.2 (a bug-fix release).

Mar 8, 2015: Released version 2.6.1 (a bug-fix release). The (new) yaml option has been removed from the Meta-Data Extension as it was buggy (see #390).

Feb 19, 2015: Released version 2.6 (Notes).

Nov 19, 2014: Released version 2.5.2 (a bug-fix release).

Sept 26, 2014: Released version 2.5.1 (a bug-fix release).

Sept 12, 2014: Released version 2.5.0 (Notes).

Feb 16, 2014: Released version 2.4.0 (Notes).

Mar 22, 2013: Released version 2.3.1 (a bug-fix release).

Mar 14, 2013: Released version 2.3.0 (Notes)

Nov 4, 2012: Released version 2.2.1 (a bug-fix release).

Jul 5, 2012: Released version 2.2.0 (Notes).

Jan 22, 2012: Released version 2.1.1 (a bug-fix release).

Nov 24, 2011: Released version 2.1.0 (Notes).

Oct 7, 2009: Released version 2.0.3. (a bug-fix release).

Sept 28, 2009: Released version 2.0.2 (a bug-fix release).

May 20, 2009: Released version 2.0.1 (a bug-fix release).

Mar 30, 2009: Released version 2.0 (Notes).

Mar 8, 2009: Release Candidate 2.0-rc-1.

Feb 2009: Added support for multi-level lists to new Blockprocessors.

Jan 2009: Added HTML 4 output as an option (thanks Eric Abrahamsen)

Nov 2008: Added Definition List ext. Replaced old core with Blockprocessors. Broken up into multiple files.

Oct 2008: Changed logging behavior to work better with other systems. Refactored tree traversing. Added treap implementation, then replaced with OrderedDict. Renamed various processors to better reflect what they actually do. Refactored footnote ext to match PHP Extra’s output.

Sept 2008: Moved prettifyTree to a Postprocessor, replaced WikiLink ext with WikiLinks (note the s) ext (uses bracketed links instead of CamelCase) and various bug fixes.

August 18 2008: Reorganized directory structure. Added a ‘docs’ directory and moved all extensions into a ‘markdown-extensions’ package. Added additional documentation and a few bug fixes. (v2.0-beta)

August 4 2008: Updated included extensions to ElementTree. Added a separate command line script. (v2.0-alpha)

July 2008: Switched from home-grown NanoDOM to ElementTree and various related bugs (thanks Artem Yunusov).

June 2008: Fixed issues with nested inline patterns and cleaned up testing framework (thanks Artem Yunusov).

May 2008: Added a number of additional extensions to the distribution and other minor changes. Moved repository to git from svn.

Mar 2008: Refactored extension API to accept either an extension name (as a string) or an instance of an extension (Thanks David Wolever). Fixed various bugs and added doc strings.

Feb 2008: Various bug-fixes mostly regarding extensions.

Feb 18, 2008: Version 1.7.

Feb 13, 2008: A little code cleanup and better documentation and inheritance for Preprocessors/Postprocessors.

Feb 9, 2008: Double-quotes no longer HTML escaped and raw HTML honors <?foo>, <@foo>, and <%foo> for those who run markdown on template syntax.

Dec 12, 2007: Updated docs. Removed encoding argument from Markdown and markdown as per list discussion. Clean up in prep for 1.7.

Nov 29, 2007: Added support for images inside links. Also fixed a few bugs in the footnote extension.

Nov 19, 2007: message now uses python’s logging module. Also removed limit imposed by recursion in _process_section(). You can now parse as long of a document as your memory can handle.

Nov 5, 2007: Moved safe_mode code to a textPostprocessor and added escaping option.

Nov 3, 2007: Fixed convert method to accept empty strings.

Oct 30, 2007: Fixed BOM removal (thanks Malcolm Tredinnick). Fixed infinite loop in bracket regular expression for inline links.

Oct 11, 2007: LineBreaks is now an inlinePattern. Fixed HR in blockquotes. Refactored _processSection method (see tracker #1793419).

Oct 9, 2007: Added textPreprocessor (from 1.6b).

Oct 8, 2008: Fixed Lazy Blockquote. Fixed code block on first line. Fixed empty inline image link.

Oct 7, 2007: Limit recursion on inline patterns. Added a ‘safe’ tag to htmlStash.

March 18, 2007: Fixed or merged a bunch of minor bugs, including multi-line comments and markup inside links. (Tracker #s: 1683066, 1671153, 1661751, 1627935, 1544371, 1458139.) -> v. 1.6b

Oct 10, 2006: Fixed a bug that caused some text to be lost after comments. Added “safe mode” (user’s HTML tags are removed).

Sept 6, 2006: Added exception for PHP tags when handling HTML blocks.

August 7, 2006: Incorporated Sergej Chodarev’s patch to fix a problem with ampersand normalization and HTML blocks.

July 10, 2006: Switched to using optparse. Added proper support for Unicode.

July 9, 2006: Fixed the <!> problem (Tracker #1501354).

May 18, 2006: Stopped catching unquoted titles in reference links. Stopped creating blank headers.

May 15, 2006: A bug with lists, recursion on block-level elements, run-in headers, spaces before headers, Unicode input (thanks to Aaron Swartz). Sourceforge tracker #s: 1489313, 1489312, 1489311, 1488370, 1485178, 1485176. (v. 1.5)

Mar. 24, 2006: Switched to a not-so-recursive algorithm with _handleInline. (Version 1.4)

Mar. 15, 2006: Replaced some instance variables with class variables (a patch from Stelios Xanthakis). Chris Clark’s new regexps that do not trigger mid-word underlining.

Feb. 28, 2006: Clean-up and command-line handling by Stewart Midwinter. (Version 1.3)

Feb. 24, 2006: Fixed a bug with the last line of the list appearing again as a separate paragraph. Incorporated Chris Clark’s “mail-to” patch. Added support for <br /> at the end of lines ending in two or more spaces. Fixed a crashing bug when using ImageReferencePattern. Added several utility methods to Nanodom. (Version 1.2)

Jan. 31, 2006: Added hr and hr/ to BLOCK_LEVEL_ELEMENTS and changed <hr/> to <hr />. (Thanks to Sergej Chodarev.)

Nov. 26, 2005: Fixed a bug with certain tabbed lines inside lists getting wrapped in <pre><code>. (v. 1.1)

Nov. 19, 2005: Made <!..., <?..., etc. behave like block-level HTML tags.

Nov. 14, 2005: Added entity code and email auto-link fix by Tiago Cogumbreiro. Fixed some small issues with backticks to get 100% compliance with John’s test suite. (v. 1.0)

Nov. 7, 2005: Added an unlink method for documents to aid with memory collection (per Doug Sauder’s suggestion).

Oct. 29, 2005: Restricted a set of HTML tags that get treated as block-level elements.

Sept. 18, 2005: Refactored the whole script to make it easier to customize it and made footnote functionality into an extension. (v. 0.9)

Sept. 5, 2005: Fixed a bug with multi-paragraph footnotes. Added attribute support.

Sept. 1, 2005: Changed the way headers are handled to allow inline syntax in headers (e.g. links) and got the lists to use p-tags correctly (v. 0.8)

Aug. 29, 2005: Added flexible tabs, fixed a few small issues, added basic support for footnotes. Got rid of xml.dom.minidom and added pretty-printing. (v. 0.7)

Aug. 13, 2005: Fixed a number of small bugs in order to conform to the test suite. (v. 0.6)

Aug. 11, 2005: Added support for inline HTML and entities, inline images, auto-links, underscore emphasis. Cleaned up and refactored the code, added some more comments.

Feb. 19, 2005: Rewrote the handling of high-level elements to allow multi-line list items and all sorts of nesting.

Feb. 3, 2005: Reference-style links, single-line lists, backticks, escape, emphasis in the beginning of the paragraph.

Nov. 2004: Added links, blockquotes, HTML blocks to Manfred Stienstra’s code

Apr. 2004: Manfred’s version at