Primary Authors

  • Waylan Limberg

    Waylan is the current maintainer of the code and has written much of the current code base, included a complete refactor of the core. He started out by authoring many of the available extensions and later was asked to join Yuri, where he began fixing numerous bugs, adding documentation and making general improvements to the existing code base.

  • Yuri Takteyev

    Yuri wrote most of the code found in version 1.x while procrastinating his Ph.D. Various pieces of his code still exist, most notably the basic structure.

  • Manfed Stienstra

    Manfed wrote the original version of the script and is responsible for various parts of the existing code base.

  • Artem Yunusov

    Artem, who as part of a 2008 GSoC project, refactored inline patterns, replaced the NanoDOM with ElementTree support and made various other improvements.

  • David Wolever

    David refactored the extension API and made other improvements as he helped to integrate Markdown into Dr.Project.

Other Contributors

The incomplete list of individuals below have provided patches or otherwise contributed to the project in various ways. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the project in any way.

  • Eric Abrahamsen
  • Jeff Balogh
  • Sergej Chodarev
  • Chris Clark
  • Tiago Cogumbreiro
  • Kjell Magne Fauske
  • G. Clark Haynes
  • Daniel Krech
  • Steward Midwinter
  • Jack Miller
  • Neale Pickett
  • Paul Stansifer
  • John Szakmeister
  • Malcolm Tredinnick
  • Ben Wilson
  • and many others who helped by reporting bugs