Python-Markdown 3.2 Release Notes

Python-Markdown version 3.2 supports Python versions 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, and PyPy3.

Backwards-incompatible changes

Drop support for Python 2.7

Python 2.7 reaches end-of-life on 2020-01-01 and Python-Markdown 3.2 has dropped support for it. Please upgrade to Python 3, or use Python-Markdown 3.1.

em and strong inline processor changes

In order to fix issue #792, em/strong inline processors were refactored. This translated into removing many of the existing inline processors that handled this logic:

  • em_strong
  • strong
  • emphasis
  • strong2
  • emphasis

These processors were replaced with two new ones:

  • em_strong
  • em_strong2

The legacy_em extension was also modified with new, refactored logic and simply overrides the em_strong2 inline processor.

CodeHilite now always wraps with <code> tags

Before, the HTML generated by CodeHilite looked like: - <pre><code>foo = 'bar'</code></pre> if you were not using Pygments. - <pre>foo = 'bar'</pre> if you were using Pygments.

To make the cases more consistent (and adhere to many Markdown specifications and HTML code block markup suggestions), CodeHilite will now always additionally wrap code with <code> tags. See #862 for more details.

This change does not alter the Python-Markdown API, but users relying on the old markup will find their output now changed.

Internally, this change relies on the Pygments 2.4, so you must be using at least that version to see this effect. Users with earlier Pygments versions will continue to see the old behavior.

markdown.util.etree deprecated

Previously, Python-Markdown was using either the xml.etree.cElementTree module or the xml.etree.ElementTree module, based on their availability. In modern Python versions, the former is a deprecated alias for the latter. Thus, the compatibility layer is deprecated and extensions are advised to use xml.etree.ElementTree directly. Importing markdown.util.etree will raise a DeprecationWarning beginning in version 3.2 and may be removed in a future release.

Therefore, extension developers are encouraged to replace from markdown.util import etree with import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree in their code.

New features

The following new features have been included in the release:

  • Some new configuration options have been added to the toc extension:

    • The anchorlink_class and permalink_class options allow class(es) to be assigned to the anchorlink and permalink respectively. This allows using icon fonts from CSS for the links. Therefore, an empty string passed to permalink now generates an empty permalink. Previously no permalink would have been generated. (#776)

    • The permalink_title option allows the title attribute of a permalink to be set to something other than the default English string Permanent link. (#877)

  • Document thread safety (#812).

  • Markdown parsing in HTML has been exposed via a separate extension called md_in_html.

  • Add support for Python 3.8.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes are included in the 3.2 release:

  • HTML tag placeholders are no longer included in .toc_tokens (#899).
  • Unescape backslash-escaped characters in TOC ids (#864).
  • Refactor bold and italic logic in order to solve complex nesting issues (#792).
  • Always wrap CodeHilite code in code tags (#862).